I created this platform in the hopes that I would inspire women to ditch the myth of one size fits all. Look, it doesn't work for our clothing, relationships, taste in food, or idea of success. Why would it work for our lifestyle? 

Too long have we settled for being anything less than our best out of fear. Whether it's the notion that there is not enough space for all of our brilliance or that the people we love will not support the way we choose to live.  

This space is the ignition, and women are the key.

Here, you and I will drive towards making dreamy goals our reality. We will showcase the power of vulnerability, manifestation, meditation, and faith. And, we will restart with the beautiful things we buried deep within ourselves for safe keeping.

This diary is not a vault of how I proved naysayers wrong or how the world twists the sadness in our stories as simply screams for attention or sympathy. If you haven't noticed, we live in a very tangled web of lies.

These words of mine do center around how I found who I was (possibly corny, but very true) and how I fought to take care of her. How so many women fought before us, and still fight every single day, so we can live in purpose and harmony. We came from love, we can birth love, and we love to give love. We continue to be the movement makers in the face of adversity and the peacemakers in trying times. Because, females are the future and men need to get onboard the path of victory. Yes, I certainly just went there

Let every day be a decision to live our best lives, together.