Poesie In Noir

I am Solange's cool,
untouchable sunkissed curls and calm vibes with a striking tongue,
I am Beyonce's presence,
a force of nature that was blessed by the heaven's above,
I am Tina's perseverance,
an ocean of knowledge,
with tides that steal back history's lies,
I am India's love,
an earth mother who pours and nurtures,
a goddess led by angels,
untouched by mortal cynicism,
focused on the eternal.

I am Whitney.
I am Michelle.
I am Zendaya, Aaliyah, Viola, Lupita, Chloe and Halle, Yara...

I am the unspoken magic of black women come and gone,
still here,
still fighting,
still conquering.

I am the light that will not dim,
the fire that will not die,
the moon that you curse and the stars that you wish upon,
and I'm, were, not going anywhere.


Cydney Irby

I am a self starter extraordinaire with a knack for empowering people to cultivate their best lives. Cooking is therapeutic for my sanity. I'd rather spend my day on a spontaneous road trip with my best friends than shopping, but Target has my heart. If I'm not at the bookstore with my mom, taking a nap, or on the couch binge watching something with my cat and my boyfriend, I'm probably at the dining room table working.