Local Spots: The Suffolk Punch

I've been holding onto this post for a very long time. For no other reason than I keep going to The Suffolk Punch and taking more photos. This may be the single most gorgeous culinary cafe and coffee bar in Charlotte.

I may be biased because it's my goals and aesthetic on 100, but it's my blog. I get to be as biased as I want, right?

Now, The Suffolk Punch opened up back over the summer. Yes, I've been sitting on this blog post for a while. Yes, I was already frequenting before their grand opening celebration. I told you, it's my aesthetic so goodbye working at Starbucks. I found my spot for some serious creative juju. And I will drive the 30 minutes from my place to grab a cup of something good and chat with fellow Charlotte natives.

And if you're not sure it'd be your thing, answer me this: do you like great beer and great coffee? 

I'm not talking about the extra sugary crap in the tiniest cup that you pay $5 for and then keep wondering why you're paying to get a small caffeine high. I mean, do you know how many times I do this because of the hype and not because the stuff is actually that great? I shouldn't be able to take a nap right after drinking your coffee. That defeats the entire purpose. 

No, The Suffolk Punch has the real stuff and they even have vegan-friendly options. As in I just had a vegan eggnog latte and nearly fell out it was so good. I was wired for most of the day after that. Thanks, Brandon! He's my favorite at TSP because he always recommends the best options for drinks for the mood I'm in.

However, the first drink I ever tried was the Nitro Latte with warming spices. You can choose between a few common flavors they have for the Nitro Latte, sometimes they even have a holiday flavor. Just ask. I have tried nearly every house-made flavor on the menu and they're all delicious. The warming spices just have a very special place in my heart. First time and all.

But Cydney, you mentioned beer too?! Yes, friends, beer and wine and cocktails. Just look.

Not only is The Suffolk Punch a culinary cafe and coffee bar, but it's a taphouse and fermentation lab too. As in, it also houses Hyde Brewery. Yes, you are reading this right. This is local stuff and these were possibly some of the best cocktails I ever had. 

The above photos are from a soft opening I went to with my best friends and let me tell you, it was a good night. We even tried some of their food. Now, this is not for vegan eyes. I'm so sorry but The Suffolk Punch Burger was so dang good I have to show it. I also wanted to show how decadent my best friend Steph's order, the Charcuterie, looked. If you didn't know, our trio collectively loves cheese a bit more than the average person so of course, she shared. I know, I know. She's the best.

The best part is The Suffolk Punch also often houses networking and other special events. I was actually just there on December 7th learning from local entrepreneur Mac Lackey about startups. Yes, there is a startup community in Charlotte so heck no, you're not alone! There's a photo up on Charlotte Lately's Instagram here. You can see me diligently taking notes as the rest of my vegan eggnog latte gets cold.

I could go on and on about why you should visit this local spot, but I think it's best we let the photos do the talking from here on out. Don't you think?

Be sure to stop at The Suffolk Punch located at 2911 Griffith St Charlotte, NC 28203 and tell them Cydney sent you! For all of you locals, they are right off of the light rail at New Bern Station. Thank me later.