A Soul Baring Poetry Journey

It's officially been two weeks since my last post. Way to be blunt, right?

    But, the time has finally come for my first poetry collective post. I've been nervous about sharing this on my new space but not for the reasons you may think. I've always been a bit protective of my work. Not out of fear, but because this little thing has always been mine and mine alone. It took me 11+ years to even consider letting the outside world see it, even longer for me to read it at an Open Mic Night, and YES even longer to share it on any of my blogs.

    I am happy to announce that Cydneyrai will be FULL of poetry. Full of soul baring pieces. Full of vulnerability. Full of the art form that saved my life and taught me the beauty of words. Okay, was that too cheesy and sappy? Who cares! It's the truth! 

What inspired this soul baring journey? 

    I had the gall to think I could complete a 365 day project. You guys, I'm notorious for forgetting to do a challenge one day. And this time, I decided 365 days in a row? Why?? Am I really trying to prove to myself that I'm exceedingly dedicated? I run another brand, on top of this one, and now I have two jobs. What do I need to prove?

    So here's the funny thing. I still want to write 365 poems. It may not be in the span of one year on the dot but it will happen. I've deemed the project 365 willow blooms, or #365fleursdesaule. You can peep that hashtag on Instagram! I'm obsessed with nature and the willow tree is a hidden beauty to me. She lets you see her wilt, her cascading leaves, and the strength of her trunk. She shows you her struggle of holding these branches high but wanting to stay so grounded. Again, I'm reading into a tree way too much for the average person but I highly doubt any of you are "average!" I want to be like the willow tree. Strong, vulnerable, and grounded! I also chose this title because I'm trying to learn French. But this is a whole other blog post entirely!

        Let's get down to my first few favorites in #365fleursdesaule so far!

A Hollatz Energy

She held the magic of the universe in her hands,
crafting meteor showers in the dead of night,
crashing river waves to the land to wake the wolves,
a queen of brilliance and power,
a vulnerable soul in a statuesque body,
the force that would rattle the unknown and gain the stars.

Luna's Veins

She was tethered to the moon like the tides,
a wild heart born grounded,
a goddess among mortal madness,
a star too bright to die.

Gold flecks danced in her darkened eyes,
the sun-kissed her gentle skin,
and the world as we know it fell at her feet.

God's Immeasurable Love

This love is like the warmth of a summer sun,
sparking the air with radiant light,
leaving the sand with memories of this day,
scenting blooms with the promise of a new tomorrow.

This love has pulled me from darkness,
clothed me with the grace of vulnerability,
anchored me when sin knocked on my door
and whispered the vows of unparalleled victories.

    Which one was your favorite and what line resonated with your heart? Let me know in the comments below or tweet your reaction to @itscydneyrai! I love hearing from you, darling! 

Cydney Irby

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