Get you someone who does both. Someone who hustles hard, takes charge, and inspires you to be a better version of who you were yesterday. Someone whose voice, mannerisms and thoughts make you laugh and even challenge you to view the world in a new light sometimes. Someone who pulls you close in the middle of the night and isn’t afraid to just hold you while you’re told of how beautiful, wonderful, amazing you are. Someone you can build up, encourage, and breathe more life into every single time you’re together. Someone who cooks for you, pours you a glass of something good, and cracks a joke when dinner doesn’t go quite right. Someone who will allow you to shower them with affection by speaking in the languages that bring joy: cook for your person, give soft touches, stare into each other’s eyes until you can’t help but smile. Vent about work so you both let the week fall off of your shoulders. Get you someone who you lose track of time with. Someone who makes you forget about your phone but never tries to control you. Get someone who smirks at your happy dances and has pillow fights with you. Someone who procrastinates before leaving you for the day, just wanting to spend a little more time in your world before venturing back to chores or routine. Someone who kisses you like you could be kissed forever. Someone who gets lost in your eyes, your mind, your body, your soul. Find someone who is worth the wait, no matter what that means.


P.S. Photo by Tanja Heffner on Unsplash

Cydney Irby

I am a self starter extraordinaire with a knack for empowering people to cultivate their best lives. Cooking is therapeutic for my sanity. I'd rather spend my day on a spontaneous road trip with my best friends than shopping, but Target has my heart. If I'm not at the bookstore with my mom, taking a nap, or on the couch binge watching something with my cat and my boyfriend, I'm probably at the dining room table working.