Smoothie Mix: Oat N' Berrywood

Good evening friends! 

    About a month ago, I decided I wanted to have a more vegetarian focused diet. As in, your homegirl is trying to cut out eating meat daily. I don't know the proper term for what I'm doing, let's just call it "eating healthy." 

    Essentially, I'm looking to eat more fruits and veggies; switch out milk from cows to soy milk (and its cousins like oat milk and coconut milk), and eliminate red meat altogether. I've even found myself not missing bacon. *gasps while clutching invisible pearls*

    The other crazy thing is, although I still have my "give me sweets or give me death" moments, I don't put three pounds of sugar in my coffee anymore if any. 

    So, what do I enjoy? Smoothies!

    I love starting my day with a smoothie because I hate making breakfast. I love shopping for the ingredients and being challenged to use strong veggie tastes, like kale or beets, to make something delicious. Or, being challenged to not use a common ingredient found in smoothies, like a banana! I'm thinking of you, Kayla!

    Below, I have included the recipe for Oat N' Berrywood. It's a smoothie that gives you sweet, then oats, and then that sweetness flirts with you again. 

    I want to give you a disclaimer that although the short-handed recipe can be seen in the photo the specifics, with links, are under it! Also, you can buy all these items at my favorite store, Target.


Recipe: Oat N' Berrywood Smoothie

  1. 1/2 cup of granola (I used Cascadian Farm's Organic Honey, Almond, & Chia Granola)
  2. 1 cup of oat milk (I used Pacific's Organic Oat, Original)
  3.  5 strawberries
  4. Handful of raspberries
  5. 1 aprium (you can use a plum or an apricot, but I bought apriums from Wal-Mart!)

If you end up trying this smoothie, let me know your thoughts!

Cydney Irby

I am a self starter extraordinaire with a knack for empowering people to cultivate their best lives. Cooking is therapeutic for my sanity. I'd rather spend my day on a spontaneous road trip with my best friends than shopping, but Target has my heart. If I'm not at the bookstore with my mom, taking a nap, or on the couch binge watching something with my cat and my boyfriend, I'm probably at the dining room table working.