Hello, my name is Cydney and I can write you a novel of a tale if you give me some time.

    I am a self starter extraordinaire who fell in love with poetic storytelling and the art of visual emotion at a very young age. You'll most likely find me at a coffee shop drinking tea, eating brunch with friends, or writing in a journal. In fact, 9 times out of 10, I'm at home immersed in blank pages while a candle burns. As I type this, I have quite a few ink stains all over my hands and my cat is sleeping in a chair. Typical.
    My mother describes my style as bohemian, but turns around to say she could also see me living in France. First of all, she's the real MVP because she knows her daughter all too well. Second, she is where my tagline "Parisian at heart, bohemian in (life)style" comes from. She is where I get my love of learning, getting messy, collecting (and reading) books, and cooking while I listen to music.
    The things I value are love, faith, authenticity, laughter, and togetherness. My roots are deep in these things as I work on building a community-centered empire. You may have even heard of the first piece of my puzzle, Dream on Youth. But, that's a story for another time.
    I hope this blog finds you and inspires you to do more of what you love. Feel free to leave a comment, follow me on social media, or see why I created this platform.